The first year in review!

As we mentioned Monday, we’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Dear June this week!

We’ve had such a great year and we thought it would be fun to put together a little archive of the high points of the year! After reminiscing about the last 12 months, we came up with this ‘yearbook’ post–we think it’ll be so fun to have this ‘year in review’ to look back on in years to come.  Hope you enjoy!

 Let’s start with the things we checked off our goals list this year:

We hosted 3 really fun parties to celebrate life and showcase our paper details:

We held 2 photo shoots of our projects (shout outs to Jillian and Katie!)

And most importantly, we got to work with 23 wonderful clients on over 30 exciting projects! Here’s a quick album of some of this year’s projects:

So there’s a quick review of what we’ve been up to these last 12 months! Tomorrow we’ll be looking at all the exciting things we have on our goal list for year 2, but for now we’d like to take a moment to say ‘Thanks!’ We feel so blessed to have had such wonderful experiences and opportunities in the last 12 months and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for your support and encouragement! Here’s to many years of fun together!

See you tomorrow!

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Dear June’s First Anniversary!



That’s right! Dear June turns 1 this week and we’ll be celebrating from now until Friday!

We’ve got exciting anniversary-themed posts planned for the next few days- here’s what you can look forward to:

Tuesday: Our zany first year photo shoot- we’ve got some real gems to share…

Wednesday: A fun, photo-heavy post archiving our first year! If you’re a client of ours, you just might be featured! 🙂

Thursday: The first public announcement of our goals for year 2– they’re lofty, but oh-so-fun!

Friday: Goodies for you! We’ll be offering some great giveaways to a lucky reader!

As always, thanks for dropping in to see how things are going around here! See ya tomorrow!

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Where do you work? Leslee’s space!

Hi y’all!

We’re back with another ‘where do you work?’ post- this time we’ll be checking out Leslee’s space! (You can see the post we shared a few days ago that featured my space here.)

Leslee and I both spend a lot of time working on designs, editing photos, and writing posts from our home offices, so we both decided to spend some time creating work spaces that inspire us! This is where Leslee works:

Leslee’s work space is set up along one wall of her guest bedroom. She gets a lot of really pretty morning sunlight in this space, and it’s nice and cozy in the evenings.

Leslee’s space is so Southern and pretty and fits her style so well!

As you can see, she’s created a fantastically large inspiration board that covers most of the space behind her desk:

She made it with a giant piece of foam core and some striped fabric from a local discount fabric store called U-fab. It’s filled with fabrics and paper details that inspire her- including a few of our own designs!

One of her favorite things in her space is her Kate Spade mug:

It’s painted with a chic little traveler with camels and a desert in the background- it reminds Leslee of her travels to Egypt back in college!

Leslee keeps our business cards in a precious little bird tray she got from Pottery Barn; it sits on top of her stack of magazines and just looks adorable:

She also keeps a stack of our thank you cards handy- we like to tuck a card into each of the orders we send out so that our clients know just how much we appreciate their business!

Leslee also loves the elephant mousepad that she picked up from Anthropology- it doubles as a note pad and comes in handy for jotting quick ideas while she’s designing:

One of the prettiest items in Leslee’s workspace is the piece of letterpress art that she made and framed in this intricate gold frame- it’s a type study of her favorite old-style letterpress font: Nicholas Cochin. It’s behind glass, so you can’t really see the details of the press, but in person it is really elegant!

Well that just about wraps up Leslee’s work space!

We hope you enjoyed the tour-thanks for ‘stopping by!’


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Our Correspondence Favorites

Hi y’all!

For a little mid-week fun, we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite correspondence products!

There are so many things to choose from, but here are a few of the things we love:

A | B | C | D


A- The gold pineapple letter opener is so sophisticated and Southern! We love pineapples because they symbolize hospitality– what a stylish way to open letters.

B- We LOVE this Kate Spade business card holder. The pink and green leather is beautiful and of course we love the envelope shape!

C- These wax seals are such a classy touch to any letter you send- they come in other colors and you can get monogrammed seals instead of the fleur-de-lis.

D- We LOVE Le Pen pens! They come in all sorts of colors and we use them to address our clients’ invitations. Plus, they have such a streamlined shape that they look so pretty on your desk!

So those are some of our correspondence favorites- what are yours!?

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Katie and Ricky!

If there’s one thing in life I love, it’s Katie Kent.  Let me tell  y’all little bit about Katie.  She is one of my very dear friends and has been for over a decade!  Katie lives in South Carolina and is getting married to the amazing, Ricky McCutchen.  I am so happy for them and am honored to stand by Katie on her wedding day as Matron of Honor.  I was also honored when Katie asked me to do her invitations!  If you are a bride that wants to combine traditional and modern elements to your invitations, Katie’s invitation suite is a wonderful example of this.

It all started with the Save-The-Dates. Katie loved the shape I created to define the lettering- it’s elegant and geometric, and when paired with the stripes and dots, it’s really fun! (Much like Katie and Ricky!)

Next came the invitation package! For the RSVP card, we repeated the stripes that we featured on the Save-the-Dates for uniformity. Plus, we just love the stripes.

Most of the traditional characteristics can be found on the invitation.  We designed it in a very simple and elegant way that focused on the text.  The juxtaposition of the loopy script font for the names with the tighter script and block font made for a really visually interested invitation!

We printed Katie’s invitations in thermography, which means that the letters are raised and glossy. It is a really beautiful effect and definitely added class to her invitations!

I used the shape I created to guide some of my design decisions in the invitation. For instance, I mirrored this curve in the  corner:

With the curve in the text:

to bring some repetition to the piece.

All in all, Katie was happy with her invitations, and I was so happy to have been a party of her special day!

Sarah and I wish Katie and Ricky the happiest wedding day and a lifetime of love.

I’ll exit with a quick pic of Katie and I at my wedding:


Have a great weekend, y’all!

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Where do you work?

Hi y’all! Happy Friday!

So Leslee and I were talking the other day and thought it would be fun to share pics of our workspaces with you!

The average person spends at least 8 hours a day working, which is a LOT of time, and we’re no different (in fact, we spend more like 10-12 hours a day working- but work is FUN for us!) Being the designer types that we are, we both created workspaces for ourselves that really inspire us- we figured that since we spend so much time in our workspaces,  we should be invigorated by our surroundings while we create!

So today we’ll share my space:

Ta-Da! Leslee and I both work from home offices, and my office is located in a little corner of our living room (I have a really patient and kind husband 🙂 ) When I say a little corner, that really means that my desk is in a little corner, and then I tuck a few items throughout the living room.

Here’s an angle that shows it’s our living room a little better (our fireplace is to the left, there are 2 wing back chairs to the right, our coffee table is in the foreground, yada yada):

It’s really fun to have a workspace in your home because you can make it look however you want-assuming your spouse/roommate/pets are on board! For instance, my pen holder is a little pineapple that I got from a thrift shop and spray painted a perky yellow:

I love to scatter affordable fresh flowers in some strategic places throughout the room- there’s nothing like fresh flowers to make you appreciate life and feel creative!

Our business cards are in a little white box  in a gold tray on the coffee table with the flowers for quick access:

I am a HUGE list-maker. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a rusty memory, or because I love the feeling of crossing something off my list when I get it done, but either way, I make lists like it’s my job! Most of the time I make my to-do lists on ruined envelopes to try to save paper.

In case there’s any confusion, I was referring to yard work with the word ‘weed’ 😉  And, as you can see, it was a pretty productive day! Gotta love those!

I also have 2 good old-fashioned leather notebooks (from Gallery Leathers- I HIGHLY recommend them- great quality!) that I can’t go anywhere without! One is my calendar (yes, I still love to write in a paper calendar despite all the technology available- I just love paper!) and the other is my design ideas notebook. If you’re a client and have ever met with me, you’ll probably recognize both of these notebooks! (If not, you can see them in the first picture- they’re pink, of course.)

We order most of our products specifically for each project we design, but we do have a little bit of our favorite inventory on hand. I store most of it in this fun linen box I got from Ikea:

My two favorite parts of my workspace are my inspiration board (which you may have noticed is ever-changing!) and my plant, Gouda. He’s a swiss cheese plant and he is a perfect ‘office wife’- he’s cute to look at, smells nice, and makes me smile.

Anyway, that’s the quick tour of where I work everyday! Thanks for ‘stopping by’! We’ll be sharing Leslee’s space next!

Hope the rest of your work day goes well and have a great weekend!



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Spring Photo Shoot!

Hey y’all! Happy Spring! Hope you’re doing well:)

So we spent last weekend doing a little Spring Photo Shoot of a few of our recent projects and we can’t wait to share!

We’ve finished up some really great invitations in the last few weeks and it’s been so fun working with our clients! Here’s a peek:


Up first- Line and Travis!

Travis and Line wanted a modern, bold look for their wedding invitations and we had fun playing with typography to get the look they were going for! We are really happy with the way they turned out!

Here’s a close up of the lettering:

So happy for Line and Travis and we can’t wait to see pictures of the big day! Congrats, you two!


Next up: Michelle and Robbie!

Michelle and Robbie are good friends of ours and they’re getting married in September on Kiawah Island! Woot! Here are the fun, Southern-Coastal Save-the-Dates we designed for them. I love these so much that I pinned one on my inspiration board in my workspace. Something about that pink font makes me so happy!

We’re currently working on Michelle and Robbie’s wedding invitations and we can’t wait until they are printed and ready to go- we’ll share pics and an inspiration board as soon as we can!


You’ve probably already seen pics of the next one from our post about the Oyster Roast we had in February, but just in case you haven’t, here it is:

The party was a New England Coastal-themed Oyster Roast and Wine Tasting and it was a blast. We’re definitely going to have to do that again!

Next up: Jennifer and Blake!

Jennifer is a dear friend of Leslee’s from their hometown of Florence, SC. It was so special to Leslee that she could design Jennifer’s Save-the-Dates; isn’t that such a precious picture of Jennifer and Blake!? It just makes you want to smile 🙂 We’re getting ready to start their wedding invitation suite, too, so we’ll be excited to share their details with you!

Rounding off the shoot was Stephanie’s Bridal Shower Invitations!

You may remember Stephanie, Kelly and Eileen from this i2i post we shared when we first finished the invitation. This was a fun, girlie project for our friends in sunny Cal!

Well, that about wraps up last weekend’s shoot! We’ve got tons more projects to share, so we’ll be trying to do a shoot every couple of months so we make sure you get to see all our projects! Thanks for checking in on what we’ve been up to! 🙂

We’ll leave you with a few behind-the-scenes shots so you can see how much fun we have setting these shoots up:

Leslee hijacking the props for Michelle & Robbie’s series

And me planting some props–turns out we didn’t use any of those pics, but I now have a fun little succulent hanging out in my workspace:)

Welp, that’s a wrap! Be back in a few!

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Have you met our Kraft Envelopes?

Hi there! Happy Spring!

We’re working on quite a few exciting designs today- a few weddings, 2 graduations, a bridal shower, and a baby shower! So many fun things going on in our clients’ lives!

Anyway, as we were developing an idea for the bridal shower invitation, we got to thinking about our ‘kraft paper’ envelope line.

Have we mentioned how much we love the collection of ‘kraft’ envelopes we use?


If not, then consider it mentioned! We LOVE ‘kraft’ envelopes- especially this girl here:

Look at her cute edge! It’s like someone took some pinking sheers to her hem. So fun.

In addition to envelopes, we’ve got some great paper options with this ‘kraft’ appearance. A few of our brides are planning ‘country chic’ weddings and we think this ‘kraft paper’ line will work beautifully with their paper details. We’re actually in the process of developing a wedding suite using ‘kraft’ cards and thermography that we’re really excited about! We’ll share it with you once it’s finished!

Have a lovely afternoon!

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Friday Fetes: Emily’s Bridal Shower

Hi y’all! Happy Friday! I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but today has turned out the be a BEAUTIFUL spring day here in Richmond- love it!

To go along with this fabulous spring weather, we’ve got a super fun Friday Fetes for you: Emily’s Bridal Shower!

You may remember my dear friend, Emily, from this post featuring the invitation we designed for her shower. Just to catch you up, Emily is my sister’s best friend from birth. Emily is getting married in September, so my sister, Katherine, and my mom, Yvette, hosted Emily’s bridal shower!

So without further ado, here are some photos from her shower:

Mom, Kat and I had so much fun decorating for the shower! We used the invitation as our style guide and chose a sweet, springy color scheme.

We incorporated lots of fresh flowers in the decorations because, who doesn’t love fresh flowers!? They’re so cheerful and they add a soft touch.

I also painted some glass vases that I snagged at a thrift shop with bright colors that matched the invitation- I loved them so much I now have them scattered around my house!

We made some fun poms out of tissue paper to add some fun color and texture. The colors are a bit off in this photo- they were a little brighter and airier in person!

You might remember that Leslee and I designed these recipe cards that Mom and Kat included in each guest’s invitation. Each guest brought 2 of their favorite recipes to the party to share with Emily. The guests dropped their cards in this adorable ceramic strawberry carton that I got from Anthropologie last year and at the end of the party, Kat put them all in a cute Vera Bradley photo album for Emily.

My mom is a true southern woman- her biggest fear is that someone might leave her house hungry. (Fortunately, she’s an incredible cook which means that no one wants to leave without eating!) She always makes a fantastic spread for the events she hosts. This is what she made for the shower:

Sweet potato ham biscuits, chicken salad tarts, black bean & corn salsa, boursin cheese, pimento cheese, fresh fruit, and a veggie tray. Mmmm. Rest assured, no one left hungry!

I had fun styling the table- it was an exciting challenge to fit all the food on the table while keeping it pretty and visually balanced!

For drinks we had a fun little champagne bar! We had three different fruit juices to choose from along with some crushed pineapple and raspberries. Kat found the adorable paper straws which we couldn’t resist including! Also, know that no one went thirsty, either 😉

For dessert, we served a variety of cupcakes that we made. Mom baked while Kat and I frosted. We had such a good time creating our little ‘bouquet’ of cupcakes! (If you saw the inspiration board for the invitation, you’ll notice that I borrowed this idea from pinterest!)

Here’s a close up (aren’t the cupcake papers mom found adorable!?):


For fun, we had a PHOTO SHOOT! We thought it would be fun to document the shower with a funny photo op! Our good friend Myrna played paparazzi while the guests dressed in all sorts of props to pose. Here’s a small selection of the gems:


Bride-to-be- Emily and her cousin, Jess!

“The Moms” from the street we grew up on! Vicki, Amy, Yvette (my mom) and Kathy (Emily’s mom)

Em’s fabulous Grandma, Virginia. Coco Chanel would be proud!

“The Daughters”- Kelly, Katherine (my sister), Emily (Bride-to-Be!) and me.

The party was a huge success, and we had so much fun ‘showering’ our Emmie. Congratulations, Love!

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i2i: Emily’s Bridal Shower

We’re back with another edition of Inspiration to Invitation: a bridal shower invitation suite for a dear friend of my family- Miss Emily Scott!

Meet the (adorable!) happy couple: Matt and Emily! (awesome photo by: shot with a bow photography)

Leslee and I had a blast designing the paper goods for this shower- here’s the inspiration board we came up with:

Fun and springy, right!?

My mom, Yvette, and my youngest sister, Katherine, hosted the shower for Emily–Kat and Emily have been best friends since they were 3, so it was so special to get to work on this invitation!

Also, Leslee and I have been working with Emily on her wedding details since day one, which has been such a fun opportunity! We began with invitations to Emily and Matt’s engagement party back in the fall and their save-the-dates just a few weeks ago (photos to come once guests have received them in the mail!) We are currently working on designing their wedding invitations and the flowers for the wedding! Can’t wait to share all the details.

In the meantime, here’s the bridal shower invitations we designed:

If you’re a Vera Bradley fan, you’ll notice the “Island Blooms” print in the background of the picture above as well as in the inspiration board. Mom and Kat thought it would be special to gift Emily an album of hand-written recipes from her closest ladies to help her start her new kitchen! This album was the focal point of the party decor scheme and it helped guide our design for the paper details. 

In order to create the recipe album, Mom and Kat asked us to design recipe cards to include in the invitation envelope. Each guest received 2 recipe cards (one of each color!) to record their favorite recipes. Guests brought the hand-written cards to the party and Katherine assembled the album for Emily. 

Here’s a shot of the recipe cards:

Wanna see all the components to the invitation? Thought so! 

We lined the envelopes in a spunky orangey/pink graphic print, which was a fun splash of color! I addressed the invitations in a teal color that coordinated well with the invitations and recipe cards. 

Leslee and I both absolutely love this invitation! It’s so springy and girly and fun!


Happy Bridal Shower, Emily! We’re so happy for you and Matt 🙂 

Check back on Friday for all the photos from Emily’s shower! (There are lots!)



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