Friday Fetes

Friday Fetes: Emily’s Bridal Shower

Hi y’all! Happy Friday! I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but today has turned out the be a BEAUTIFUL spring day here in Richmond- love it!

To go along with this fabulous spring weather, we’ve got a super fun Friday Fetes for you: Emily’s Bridal Shower!

You may remember my dear friend, Emily, from this post featuring the invitation we designed for her shower. Just to catch you up, Emily is my sister’s best friend from birth. Emily is getting married in September, so my sister, Katherine, and my mom, Yvette, hosted Emily’s bridal shower!

So without further ado, here are some photos from her shower:

Mom, Kat and I had so much fun decorating for the shower! We used the invitation as our style guide and chose a sweet, springy color scheme.

We incorporated lots of fresh flowers in the decorations because, who doesn’t love fresh flowers!? They’re so cheerful and they add a soft touch.

I also painted some glass vases that I snagged at a thrift shop with bright colors that matched the invitation- I loved them so much I now have them scattered around my house!

We made some fun poms out of tissue paper to add some fun color and texture. The colors are a bit off in this photo- they were a little brighter and airier in person!

You might remember that Leslee and I designed these recipe cards that Mom and Kat included in each guest’s invitation. Each guest brought 2 of their favorite recipes to the party to share with Emily. The guests dropped their cards in this adorable ceramic strawberry carton that I got from Anthropologie last year and at the end of the party, Kat put them all in a cute Vera Bradley photo album for Emily.

My mom is a true southern woman- her biggest fear is that someone might leave her house hungry. (Fortunately, she’s an incredible cook which means that no one wants to leave without eating!) She always makes a fantastic spread for the events she hosts. This is what she made for the shower:

Sweet potato ham biscuits, chicken salad tarts, black bean & corn salsa, boursin cheese, pimento cheese, fresh fruit, and a veggie tray. Mmmm. Rest assured, no one left hungry!

I had fun styling the table- it was an exciting challenge to fit all the food on the table while keeping it pretty and visually balanced!

For drinks we had a fun little champagne bar! We had three different fruit juices to choose from along with some crushed pineapple and raspberries. Kat found the adorable paper straws which we couldn’t resist including! Also, know that no one went thirsty, either 😉

For dessert, we served a variety of cupcakes that we made. Mom baked while Kat and I frosted. We had such a good time creating our little ‘bouquet’ of cupcakes! (If you saw the inspiration board for the invitation, you’ll notice that I borrowed this idea from pinterest!)

Here’s a close up (aren’t the cupcake papers mom found adorable!?):


For fun, we had a PHOTO SHOOT! We thought it would be fun to document the shower with a funny photo op! Our good friend Myrna played paparazzi while the guests dressed in all sorts of props to pose. Here’s a small selection of the gems:


Bride-to-be- Emily and her cousin, Jess!

“The Moms” from the street we grew up on! Vicki, Amy, Yvette (my mom) and Kathy (Emily’s mom)

Em’s fabulous Grandma, Virginia. Coco Chanel would be proud!

“The Daughters”- Kelly, Katherine (my sister), Emily (Bride-to-Be!) and me.

The party was a huge success, and we had so much fun ‘showering’ our Emmie. Congratulations, Love!

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Friday Fetes: Wine & Oysters

Friday Fetes: We love entertaining! Spending good time with great friends is our idea of a life well-lived and we encourage throwing a festive bash often! That’s why we created “Friday Fetes.” Once a month we love to bring you great ideas for throwing a fun, pretty, party for your friends! Check out the party we threw this month

For this month’s Friday Fetes we threw a Cape-Themed Oyster Boil & Wine Tasting!

We had so much fun- so many people helped make this soiree a blast!

We picked up our oysters from an adorable local seafood shop called “Yellow Umbrella” (if you’re a Richmonder, we highly recommend visiting!) and our coastal buddy, Taylor agreed to cook them for us. It’s his family’s tradition to host oyster boils to celebrate birthdays, so Taylor’s pretty much a pro at steaming shellfish.

Our good friend Jon is a sommelier and was stoked to select some wine to pair with our oysters! Fresh from a trip to France’s wine country, Jon brought us some spectacular French wines to taste- he offered some great tasting notes on each wine and if you’re interested in his selections, feel free to comment and we’ll be happy to tell you what we know!

Leslee and I spent most of the morning setting the scene for the evening’s festivities while Ben and Taylor prepped for the boil.















Here are Ben and Leslee checking for any rogue open oysters-they only found one!
















We decided to keep the decor on the shucking table simple and functional. Let’s face it, half the fun of oysters is how messy they are! We wrapped the table in craft paper and topped it with some lavender sprigs, a lantern for light, and some oyster accoutrements. Leslee made a spicy cocktail sauce to top the oysters which we offered along with fresh lemon juice and horseradish sauce…mmm!


















We love how beautiful the oysters were! So many earthy colors that contrasted so sharply with our bright yellow lemons:


































Since we kept the shucking table so simple, we decided to  deck the wine tasting table! We made a banner of nautical flags (for those of you accomplished sailors reading, you may notice the flags spell “Dear June” 🙂 ) to play up the Cape theme. Our navy sail stripe tablecloth and bunch of hydrangeas remind me so much of Ben and my honeymoon in Cape Cod!






Oysters up! A pile of oysters fresh from the steamer:


We had so much fun at our Oyster Boil & Wine Tasting! A big thanks to everyone who helped make the night so fun!


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Friday Fete: It’s Just a CRUSH!

Friday Fetes: We love entertaining! Spending good time with great friends is our idea of a life well-lived and we encourage throwing a festive bash often! That’s why we created “Friday Fetes.” Once a month we love to bring you great ideas for throwing a fun, pretty, party for your friends! Check out the party we threw this month:

Y’all, we love LOVE! That’s why our February Fete is all about showing our friends, family, and special someones just how much we love them.

Both Leslee and I are February babies, which means we automatically have a special place in our hearts for the coldest month of the year, but we also think that Valentine’s Day is a fanTAStic holiday. What’s better than a day devoted to making people feel loved!? (Maybe chocolate…)

So with that in mind, (the love, not the chocolate) we thought it would be so fun to throw a V-day mixer for our friends!

After a party-planning brainstorming session, we decided our theme would be “It’s Just A Crush!”

Why? Well, we know that not everyone hearts Valentine’s Day, so we wanted a fun, light-hearted theme that focused more on the things you like about your friends and less on the need to have a significant other…V-Day fun for everyone!

We quickly got working on an inspiration board to capture some of our ideas:

A // B // C // D // E // F // G // H // I

We really loved the idea of a champagne bar for Valentine’s Day! We got to work prepping a “It’s just a CRUSH” Champagne Bar VDay Mixer and 2 weeks later it was party time!

Champagne and Strawberries!

If you saw our Facebook page last week, you might have known that we painted some really fun gold stripes on the walls at my house for the party!

We LOVE the way it turned out! We used Martha Stewart’s Metallic Paint in ‘Golden Pearl’ (which you can pick up at Home Depot!) and we really liked the texture. In person it’s a little shinier- so pretty.

One of the fun paper details we designed were the champagne name tags.

Leslee’s husband Jon got the party started! We also designed a little champagne label to match the name tags on the cards.

Leslee lovin’ the bubbly! A great shot of our “Keep Calm and CRUSH On!” Print that we designed to match the party theme!

We also assembled these cute favor boxes filled with chocolates for our friends!


We used a fun textured paper to print the invitations. We also chose a pearly gold envelope that corresponded nicely with the gold stripes on the wall and lined it with this festive pink chevron.

Jon and I cheesing in front of the stripes!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Cheers!

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