Hi everyone!

Happy Holidays!

We love this time of year- fun with friends and family, festive decorations, a focus on faith, and the joy of giving all make this such a special season. And one of our favorite things to do during the holiday season is to plan our holiday gift wrappings!

It’s so exciting to find the perfect gift for each of our loved ones; nothing warms the heart quite like watch someone receive a thoughtfully-chosen gift.  And what makes the act of giving even more fun is packaging your gifts in pretty wrappings!

That’s why this year we’ve been creating some pretty paper details to help you Give Beautifully this holiday season!

We’re so excited to open our Holiday Etsy shop next week, where you can find our hand-crafted paper details to make your gift-giving thoughtful and beautiful! Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for more of our holiday gift packaging styles and information about the grand opening of our Etsy shop!

Happy Holidays from Dear June!


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