Invitation to Inspiration Series: We love the design process! Every time we create a design, we spend time becoming inspired.  We have so much fun browsing for inspiration, and since we think the creative process is so fun, we love to share with you how we take our inspiration and create a custom invitation!

We created this particular invitation for my “cousin” Kelly and her mother, Eileen. Kelly is SUCH a sweetheart and we LOVE working with her!

Kelly and Eileen live in sunny Cal and are hosting a bridal tea for their friend, Stephanie, at a popular local tea house (isn’t that such a cute idea for a bridal shower!?)

We had so much fun with the ‘tea party’ theme! Here’s what inspired us:

When it came down to creating the invitation, we knew it had to be fun! A tea party in your honor is like every little girl’s dream, right!?

The challenge was making sure our design portrayed all the positive, playful emotions of a little girl’s tea party daydreams, but was also polished for a grown up bride.  

We knew the color pink was a staple, and we thought a combination of beautiful and fun fonts would bring sophistication to the piece.

We also wanted to bring a bit of a British feel to the invitation because, let’s face it, if anyone knows how to do a real life tea party right, it’s the Brits.

Here’s what we came up with:


A big ‘Congratulations!’ to Stephanie and a huge ‘Thank You!’ to Kelly and Eileen for working with us! We had such a wonderful time!


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